You can’t get more iconic than RED ROOSTER!

We’re Australia’s first and favourite chicken shop with almost 50 years of serving families and the community and satisfying Australia’s chicken cravings with our famous roast chicken.

But we know it’s high time for a makeover and we’ve never been more ready…

So this year we are bringing all the goodness from the past and adding a bunch of modern twists.

We are giving people what they want and what they have asked for…

Firstly, we are very proud to be adding Crunchy Fried Chicken to the menu- this kickstarts an exciting time of change and innovation for our brand.

This means that Red Rooster are now specialists in both ROAST AND FRIED chicken… And this is just one major element of our brand transformation !

This year and beyond will see a whole raft of changes and upgrades for Red Rooster – get ready for new modern restaurant designs, updated exciting menu changes, uniform upgrades plus advances in technology and convenience.