Spice Up Your Life!

It’s the Red Rooster crunchy Fried Chicken we all know and crave – but with an added spicy peppery kick!

Since it was launched last year, Australia has gone nuts for Red Rooster’s gamechanger product – Crunchy Fried Chicken. So, we decided to take things up a notch in the spice stakes by turning up the heat and launching REDS HOT FRIED – Red Rooster’s new spicy and oh so crunchy fried chicken.

Using 100% Aussie chicken that’s fresh NOT frozen, delivered and prepared daily in your local restaurant by a trained crew – it’s unlike any other spicy chicken around right now!

Full of flavour, REDS HOT FRIED sees our signature crunchy Fried Chicken coated in a glossy spicy sauce that’s exclusive to Reds. Every single piece is coated and cooked to crunchy perfection.  And wow, does this chicken pack a peppery punch! Guaranteed to leave you totally satisFRIED and craving more!

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