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    Red Royalty Customer Support

    Account Registration

    Having trouble registering your account?  Look below and see if you are getting any of the following errors.

    This error occurs if you have entered the card number incorrectly.  The card number is the string of numbers below the barcode.  Try double checking the card number you entered and make sure it’s the same as the one on your card.

    This error occurs if you have entered the wrong access code.  The access code is the 4 digit number above the barcode.  Double check that you have entered the access code correctly.

    This error occurs if the mobile number you are entering has already been registered with another account. Each mobile number can only be registered to a single account.

    This error occurs if the email address you entered has already been registered with another Red Royalty account.  As with the mobile numbers above, each email address can only be connected to a single Red Royalty account.


    If you are still having trouble registering, please contact us by logging feedback HERE and we will gladly assist



    Logging In


    Every time I go to sign into my account via the Red Rooster website I get told my password is invalid
    Try resetting your password HERE.  You can also reach the password reset option via the logon page.

    I have registered my account but everytime I try to sign in online I get the below error message:

    Whilst your account has been registered it still needs to be activated in order to:

    • Sign into your account online.
    • Use your loyalty points (remember you can still collect points before the card has been activated).
    • Receive vouchers

    If you are having trouble activating your account please see ‘Account Activation’ below.


    Account Activation


    When I click on the activation button, it says “Activation failed”
    The activation link sometimes does not work with older versions of Internet Explorer.  Check which browser you are using, if it is Internet Explorer version 10 or lower, try updating it to version 11 or using a different browser.

    If you are using another browser or Internet Explorer is up to date, there is a link in the email under the activation button for occasions when the activation fails.  Just copy this link and paste it into the address bar on your browser, and it should take you to the account activation page.

    I can’t see my activation email in my inbox

    • Try searching your junk mail or spam folder.
    • If you have a Gmail account try checking the Promotions Tab.

    If you still can’t find it, try getting the activation email resent to you by going to the following link and entering your details:
    Didn’t get an activation email? Click here

    My activation email has expired
    If your activation token has expired, please follow the below link to get a new activation email re-sent to you:
    Didn’t get an activation email? Click here


    After following all of the above suggestions I still cannot access my activation email or activate my account

    If you are still having trouble finding your email or activating your account, please contact us via the feedback link HERE and we will gladly assist


    Voucher Advice


    When will my voucher get added to my account?
    Registration Voucher ($5) – the day your account is activated.
    Birthday Voucher (free meal) – 1am on the date you have listed as your birthday

    These are both automatically loaded onto your account.  To use them all you need to do is swipe your card at a participating Red Rooster store and let the cashier know you would like to use your voucher.

    *Please remember these vouchers will expire after 30 days*

    Where can I see my voucher?
    You can check on your vouchers on the Vouchers tab in the Red Royalty app.

    Why can’t I see my voucher on my account?
    Vouchers expire after 30 days, so if you cannot see your voucher, check the date you would have received it as it may have expired.

    If you are still having trouble with any of your vouchers, please contact us by logging feedback HERE and we will gladly assist


    Card Replacement

    How do I replace my lost/stolen card whilst keeping my registered account details and loyalty points?

    1. Go to a Red Rooster store and pick up a card. Remember NOT to use the card before you go through the ‘Replace Card’ process, otherwise it will not work.
    2. Log onto your Red Royalty account on the Red Rooster website.
    3. Use the ‘Replace Card’ function. This will de-activate your old card and move your account over to the new card.

    I have already registered an account via the phone app but would also like to have a physical card attached to my virtual account.
    The ‘Replace Card’ steps above will change your phone app account number to the one on the card, allowing you to use both the app and a card for the same account.


    Couldn’t find the solution to your problem here?

    Send us the details through our feedback form HERE and our help Red Royalty Support Team with get in touch.

    Allergy notice: Update on peanuts and tree nuts. Find out more