Our Promise to you

At Red Rooster our whole chickens are always delivered fresh to our restaurants where we hand season each and every single one of them. With no artificial colours, flavours, added hormones or added MSG, our delicious whole chickens are roasted fresh on the premises where we keep them hot and succulent for no more than three hours. Guaranteed.

That’s why we’ve made a promise to you with our Freshness Guarantee; if you’re not completely satisfied with our Whole Roast Chicken, just bring it back and we’ll replace it.

Our Freshness Guarantee covers all Whole Roast Chickens purchased from Red Rooster, Red Rooster Drive Thru’s and Red Rooster Delivery.

Terms & Conditions:
* Applies to Whole Roast Chickens only
* At least half of the chicken must be returned within 2 hours of purchase with proof of purchase.
* Does not apply to Red Rooster cold chickens or catering products