Red Rooster Promotions Contactless Delivery


At Red Rooster we are very serious about the health and safety of our people.  That includes our crews AND our customers.

During these challenging times we are doing everything we can to make it easier and safer for everyone.  We are closely following the advice issued by the Australian Government and health authorities.

At Reds we have always had strict hygiene and cleanliness practices in place, but now we have taken things one step further to minimise contact and maximise customer experience.

All Red Rooster deliveries will now be CONTACTLESS and CASHLESS.  This applies to all customers ordering via and the Red Rooster app.


What is CONTACTLESS delivery?

CONTACTLESS delivery means that the food you order is prepared, packed and delivered under the strictest health and safety standards and procedures.  All points of this process are designed to minimise/eliminate contact between driver and customer.

How do I order CONTACTLESS delivery?

All Delivery orders will now be CONTACTLESS and CASHLESS.  For your ease, convenience and peace of mind Red Rooster will take care of everything.

Please remember that you can no longer pay by cash.  Credit card and Paypal ONLY.

Help! I need dinner! How do I order a CONTACTLESS Red Rooster delivery?

Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Place your order via the Red Rooster Delivery site ( or our app
  2. All deliveries will now be CONTACTLESS and CASHLESS
  3. Your food will be prepared and delivered by the restaurant
  4. Your driver will leave your food at your door or where requested, will ring or knock and then step back at least 1.5 metres until the food is collected

Please note that delivery payments can only be made via Credit Card or PayPal.

What if I pay by cash?

Sorry, CONTACTLESS delivery is only available for orders via Credit Card or Paypal. You can still use cash in our drive thru restaurants and for take away though.

How will I know when my order arrives?

Just like normal, your delivery driver will arrive at your door and ring the doorbell or knock. Your driver will set down your order in the requested spot (and in sealed bags) and walk back a safe distance from the door until the food is collected.

Can I still order if I am in self-isolation or have been diagnosed with COVID-19?

Of course! We are happy to deliver food to you, but you MUST advise us of your situation in the Delivery Notes.  This ensures that our delivery drivers are fully informed and aware, and everyone is protected. #InThisTogether

I prefer delivery via one of your delivery partners, such as Menulog or UberEats. Do they offer contactless delivery?

All of our delivery partners offer contactless delivery in a somewhat similar manner. If you want contactless delivery with these partners we recommend that you review their policies and instructions prior to placing an order.

The Red Rooster restaurant preparing your food will abide by the same high standards of food safety as if you were ordering via the Red Rooster website.