Buy 3 Roast Chickens Get 1 Free

Buy 3 Whole Roast Chickens, Get 1 Free 

Exclusive promotion limited to select members. 


Promotion Details 

Select Red Royalty members will receive a ‘Buy 3 Get 1 Free’ tracker on their Red Rooster app. Every qualifying purchase instore of a Whole Roast Chicken (single item or in a bundle) will add to members count. When member purchases 3 Whole Roast Chickens, they will receive an instore voucher for a ‘Free Whole Roast Chicken’. 


How do I qualify for a Free Whole Roast Chicken Voucher? 

Purchase 3 Whole Roast Chickens instore on your Red Royalty account. 

Note: Only a maximum of 3 Whole Roast Chickens in one transaction will count towards the promotion. If you order more than 3 Whole Chickens in a single transaction, only one Free Whole Roast Chicken Voucher will be issued. 


Where is my Chicken Card on my app? 

If you received an email regarding the promotion, simply log into your Red Royalty account on the Red Rooster app, click ‘Offers’ followed by the ‘Instore’ tab to view your tracker. 


I don’t have a Chicken Card on my app, why? 

If you can’t see a chicken card on your Red Rooster app, ensure you are logged in to the account you received the promotional communications from. If you did not receive these communications, you may not have been selected to be a part of this promotion. 


When will I receive my Free Whole Roast Chicken Voucher? 

Your free Whole Roast Chicken voucher will be issued immediately AFTER the purchase of 3 Whole Roast Chickens. Please allow a few minutes for your Red Royalty account to update. 

The FREE Whole Roast Chicken voucher is available to use on your next order. The voucher cannot be redeemed with the purchase of your 3 chickens, or your 3rd chicken. Voucher is issued post-transaction. 


Do I need to purchase 3 Whole Chickens in 1 transaction, or can they be purchased cumulatively? 

You’re able to buy the 3 Whole Chickens in 1 transaction, or you can accumulate and collect through multiple transaction during the campaign period. Your Red Royalty app will keep track of your purchases. 

If you order more than 3 qualifying chickens in a single transaction, only one free Whole Chicken voucher is issued and the other chickens in THIS same transaction do not count. 

All new chicken transactions made after that will count and a new tracker will begin. 


I purchased 4 Whole Chickens in 1 transaction, and I was charged for all 4, why? 

You will earn a free Chicken voucher AFTER the purchase of 3 qualifying chickens. Therefore, you should have received a free voucher in your account, available for use on your next visit instore. 


Is there a limit of how many free chickens I can earn? 

There is no limit to how many free chicken vouchers you can earn throughout the campaign period. 


What can I use my Free Chicken voucher on? 

You can use your Free Whole Chicken voucher to redeem a Free Whole Roast Chicken instore. Single item only, not part of any bundle. 


If I order a Whole Roast Chicken on Red Rooster Delivery, will this add to my counter? 

This promotion is limited to instore only. No delivery transactions of whole roast chickens will count towards members tracker. External delivery partners are also not included in this promotion.


I earned a voucher, can I redeem this in delivery? 

This promotion is limited to instore only. The voucher issued is not redeemable online.