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    2017 is Year of the Rooster… Red Rooster!

    CEO Chris Green has kicked off a massive transformation program, refurbishing ageing stores, rolling out a fleet of 400 distinctive red delivery cars, and launching a loyalty program which has already signed up 300,000 members. - 1 Feb 2017

    Townsville businessman expands Red Rooster interests

    Business expansion high on the list of Townsville local Michael Jones, now having opened his third Red Rooster restaurant in Townsville.
    Townsville Bulletin - 26 Jan 2017 http://www.townsvillebulletin....

    Ruling the Roost

    Red Rooster have instigated a series of initiatives to refresh the brand, give the franchisee network more competitive advantages, move with consumer trends and yet retain its value family-meal feel...
    Franchising - 1 Sep 2016

    Goulburn Eateries

    GOULBURN is expanding its gastronomic offerings... The $1 million restaurant and drive-thru will be part of a broader service centre on the corner of Ducks Lane and Hume St.
    Braidwood Times - 29 Jul 2016

    Red Rooster’s newest offerings

    QSR Media sat down with Red Rooster CEO Chris Green to ask about the brand's latest Roast Chicken Pie offerings, as well as how it plans to modernise and transform the brand into the "Most Loved Aussie Restaurant"
    QSR Media - 22 Jul 2016

    Red Rooster delivery on the rise

    Red Rooster will open its 200th delivery store in August and has more opportunities up for grabs.  On average franchisees are seeing a 20 percent uplift in sales after introducing the delivery model. The average spend in deliveries is two or three times that of in-store purchases.
    Franchise Business - 21 Jul 2016 http://www.franchisebusiness.c...

    Smashing the Barriers

    The newest Red Rooster's employee, Jesse Crillesen, has smashed barriers for numerous Australians living with autism. Crillesen has autism, epilepsy and aspergers. He sees it as no impediment to him being in the workforce.
    WIN News Townsville - 19 Jul 2016

    The Great Pie Debate

    Today, 360 Red Rooster restaurants across the country are selling roast chicken pies... the Morning Bulletin decided to the put the pastry to the test... watch video here
    The Morning Bulletin - 30 Jun 2016 http://www.themorningbulletin....

    From roost to the road

    Australians love comfort and convenience and Red Rooster CEO Chris Green has struck a winning formula by bundling both these ingredients together. He has overseen a change in how people can buy Red Rooster’s classic comfort food of roast chicken and vegetables by introducing a home delivery service.
    Business Focus - 17 Jun 2016 https://businessfocus.westpacg...

    Life in the fast food lane

    Aussie motorsport champion Jason Bargwanna is used to life in the fast lane on the track, but he is now making a name for himself off it in the fast food business.
    Packenham Gazette - 1 Jun 2016 http://pakenham.starcommunity....

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