Red Rooster Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Red Royalty and how does it work?

    Red Royalty is Red Rooster’s exciting loyalty program! It rewards and recognises our regular customers with special offers as well Red Royalty Dollars on every purchase to purchase more food.

  • What are the different levels of member status?

    The Red Royalty program has 4 exciting status tiers filled with rewards. When joining the Red Royalty program all members commence on the Red Tier. The more you shop, the further up you move and the more rewards you get! See a breakdown of all status tiers below.

    Red Status

    • A level of comfort and reward – earn Red Royalty Dollars on every qualifying transaction!
    • Earn $1 for every $20 spent
    • 10% Off Birthday Gift

    Silver Status

    • An enjoyable and rewarding experience – a level above for greater earning power!
    • Earn $1 for every $17 spent
    • 15% Off Birthday Gift

    Gold Status

    • Start to experience that special feeling – you’ll get a taste for it and want more!
    • Earn $1 for every $16 spent
    • Free Meal Birthday Gift

    Platinum Status

    • The pinnacle of all things Red Rooster – enjoy the best deals that come along with reaching sky high!
    • Earn $1 for every $15 spent
    • $20 Red Royalty Dollars Birthday Gift
    • Bonus $10 Reward Dollars for levelling up to the world of Platinum
    • Special Invitations & Events
  • How do I jump up to a different Status Tier?

    Platinum Status

    Achieve 25+ visits or spend $440.00 or more in one transaction over a rolling 365 day period.

    Gold Status

    Achieve 13-24 visits or spend $221.00 – $399.99 in one transaction over a rolling 365 day period.

    Silver Status

    Achieve 7-12 visits or spend $111.00 – $220.00 in one transaction over a rolling 365 day period.

    Red Status

    Sign up to Red Royalty and you’ll automatically be entered into the entry Red Status level.

  • I didn’t receive my verification SMS?

    The verification SMS may take a few minutes to arrive, however you can request to be resent the SMS by tapping the ‘Resend SMS’ link. If you still haven’t received the verification SMS after 5 minutes, check that you have entered the correct phone number. Please review what has been entered, and contact support if further assistance is required. If you end up getting more than one SMS, make sure to click the link in the most recent as all others will become inactive.

  • Is Red Royalty available at my local Red Rooster restaurant?

    The Red Royalty program is NOT available at the following restaurant locations:

    NSW – SCG, Sydney Domestic, Sydney Domestic A/P T3, Newcastle Airport.

    QLD – Brisbane International Airport, Brisbane Domestic Airport, CBUS Stadium, Dairy Farmers Stadium, Gabba L2, Gabba L4, Gold Coast Airport, Mackay Airport, North QLD Stadium East, North QLD Stadium South, Suncorp Stadium.

    VIC – Dandenong North, MCG, MCG II, Southern Cross 1, Southern Cross 2, .

    WA – Perth Royal Show, Perth Domestic Airport.

    How do I become a Red Royalty member and use my account?

    Go into your Profile (by clicking on the Profile icon on the menu bar). If you’re not a Red Royalty member, simply fill out your details to create an account. You will be sent a verification SMS, so make sure to click the link to complete your account set up.

    Once you’re signed in to your account, all your Red Royalty account details will live in the profile section. You will be able to view your status level, Red Royalty Dollars balance, offers, vouchers and personal details. There, you can access your account QR code to scan instore every time you make a purchase in order to redeem and earn Red Royalty Dollars with every transaction.

    When making a delivery order, just make sure you’re signed in as a Red Royalty member in the app. You will then be able to earn and redeem Red Royalty Dollars with any delivery order.

  • I have a physical Red Royalty card, how do I attach it to my account on the mobile app?

    At the moment, this functionality is not available via the mobile app. You may attach your card by logging into your account via and navigating to your profile section.

  • When do I receive the $5 Welcome Voucher?

    As soon as you activate your account, your $5 welcome voucher is automatically loaded onto your account. To see the voucher simply log in to your account in the Profile section of the mobile app and then click on ‘offers’. Your $5 voucher will be available under the ‘instore’ tab. Simply visit any Red Rooster store to redeem.

    It will expire after 30 days and must be used on any purchase of $10 or more at participating Red Rooster stores. It must be used in one transaction only and cannot be exchanged for cash. The Welcome Voucher is only redeemable instore, not through delivery.

  • I don't have a mobile phone or email. Can I still become a verified Red Royalty member?

    No, unfortunately these are required to verify our rewards.

  • How can I redeem my Red Royalty Dollars?


    Login to your Red Royalty account on the mobile app and simply scan your QR code under your profile section. Alternatively, you can give your mobile number to a crew member crew member and let them know you’d like to redeem some of your Red Royalty Dollars.

    Mobile App Online Ordering

    Firstly, login to your Red Royalty account on the mobile app. Once you are ready to check out, you will be able to redeem any of your accumulated dollars prior to payment.

  • What kinds of vouchers can I receive?

    Vouchers may be used for delivery or instore usage only:

    • Red Royalty Vouchers – Instore Only

    These vouchers are available for members only under your Profile section or Offers section of the app. You must be logged in to your Red Royalty account to view. Simply head instore, scan your app and show a crew member the voucher you’d like to redeem. Once redeemed, this will appear as ‘Redeemed’ on your account.

    • Delivery Only Vouchers

    These vouchers are available under the offers section of your app. You may click on a voucher you’d like to redeem and then simply add it to your cart.