Red Rooster's delicious food

Don’t forget Red Rooster’s tasty sides and snacks.

No Red Rooster meal is complete without including a snack or three!

Crunchy cravings? Red Rooster has got you sorted. Try our newest crunchy roast potatoes with our famous signature seasoning that you’ll just love.

How about choosing from our long list of snacks and side options that pair perfectly with our famous chicken recipe. Treat yourself and your whole family with the bite-sized goodness of our best-selling chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, onion rings, pineapple fritters, sweet potato wedges and so much more!

Don’t forget Red Rooster’s iconic mashed potato and deliciously soft garlic bread that everyone will enjoy. Add the ideal range of finger foods with Red Rooster’s snack menu and make every meal complete.