Family enjoying Red Rooster

Treat yourself to sweet goodness with Red Rooster’s Drinks and Desserts Menu.

A delicious warm meal deserves a sweet and icy treat to go with it.

There’s always room for dessert and a drink. So, we came up with the best treats to satisfy the dessert stomach with Red Rooster’s sweet selection for every meal. Quench your thirst with our cold soft drinks, paired with our famous chicken to really hit that spot.

We’ve also got your ice cream favourites to choose from, too. On our dessert menu are Australia’s best ice cream snacks, including Golden Gaytimes, Magnums and the Magnum Ice Cream Tub. Or if your heart is set on cake, Red Rooster’s strawberry cheesecake, sinfully decadent chocolate cake and our gooey chocolate mousse are perfect for you.

Give in to your sweet tooth. Satisfy your cravings with our delicious drinks and sweet desserts.