Real Rewards

Keen to get started?

At Red Rooster, we give our people a wide range of awesome perks. But more than that, we'll help you pick up the kind of skills that'll help you succeed here, and in everyday life.

Real good meals

Hungry? No worries. As part of the Red Rooster family you'll get a discounted meal on every shift

Real friends

At Red Rooster, you'll work with a supportive, tight-knit bunch, who'll become some of your closest mates

Real variety

Worried you'll be stuck on the same shift, in the same role, day to day? Don't be. We'll make sure you work on a number of different stations to keep things fresh

Real connections

The Red Rooster family is national, and you'll have the chance to connect with them through our national employee group

Real responsibility

Is this your first job? Well, imagine the feeling of the real pride you'll get once you start making and managing your own money

Real growth

You're family, so we'll treat you like any family should. We'll encourage you, support you and teach you some valuable life skills to prepare you for the big wide world

Real knowledge

As part of the Red Rooster family, you'll have endless opportunities to learn, develop and make a real impact here. Our learning pathways will give you all the leadership know-how's you will need to take your career to the top

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