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Take a look below for some useful advice that'll help you land a job and become part of the family at Red Rooster


Get to know us

Before your interview, it's a good idea to look through the Red Rooster website and really get a feel for what it's like to work here. If there's anything you're still not sure of, don't worry, you can ask us at the interview.


Make a real impression

Neat hair and ironed, clean clothes go a long way. Dress to impress for your interview and we promise we'll do the same.


Preparation is key

Feeling nervous? It helps to practice answering some common interview questions with your friends and family. Do this, and you be feeling confident well before the big day.


Be on time

On the day of your interview, try turning up 10 minutes early. It will give you time to think and calm your nerves, as well as avoid that awkward “Sorry I'm late” moment.


Bring the real you

Most important of all, just be yourself. Smile, answer honestly and let your realness shine through.

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